Grace Brennan

Instagram Story Posts

These are samples of Social Media work I have done that reflect my understanding of the importance of social engagement and creativity.

A grey image with pink bubbles displaying food.
summertime photos of girls. The main image is a girl with blonde hair in a white dress. She is sitting down. Behind her is an orange sunset. There is a collage of pictures on the right. In a white font it reads, sign up for formal recruitment.
A tan and cream colored story that has stamp themed frames of girls. It suggestions to sign up for formal recruitment for a sorority.
A story with a black background and bright red heart sketches in the top right corner and bottom left corner. On the bottom right corner is a man and a woman dressed up and holding a sign. The story advertises for a Mr. Heartthrob event.
A navy blue background with light blue hearts story. There is a cartoon king with a crown with hearts. The story advertises a Mr. Heartthrob event
It shows a collage of girls and friends. The story incorporates bold and bright colors. It says, meet the Greeks.